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Hip Scarves Make the Perfect Accessories

Every dancer has his or her own unique style, and that style is expressed in how they move, as well in what they wear while dancing. At Dahlal Internationale, we believe in helping each belly dancer express her personal style, no matter if she’s dancing on her own or dancing with a troupe. Our belly… read more

An Amazing Selection of Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

At Dahlal Internationale, we want every belly dance performance that you have to be memorable. You spend countless hours working on your choreography and learning the moves and steps for each dance. Belly dancing is an age-old practice and tradition, and with our skirts, props, and belly dancing hip scarves, you’ll not only move and sway… read more

Check Out Our Newest Belly Dancing Hip Scarves! They Are Performance Ready!

Belly Dancing Hip Scarves from Dahal International are the newest, key pieces to the performance. Costuming is everything; a great performance can’t be great without a one of a kind outfit. Captivate the audience with your body but leave a lasting impression in their minds with some of our dancing hip scarves. Our great pieces… read more

Wear The Latest Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

Add the lastest Belly Dancing Hip Scarves to your collection. Dahalal Internation is defining style with belly dancing fashion! Our Tribal Belly Dance Costumes are of the lastest fashion. We understand the importance of costuming and how it directly affects your proformance. Thats why we offer top of the line costumes at a great price.… read more