Spin and Sway in Our Belly Dance Skirts

The essence of every dance is, of course, movement. Without fluid, natural movement, a performance would seem incomplete and both the dancers and the audience would know that something was missing. Every dancer knows how to move, but it takes dedication and practice to learn how to move well and in time with the music and rhythm. At Dahlal Internationale, we understand that there are many aspects to the movement that accompanies each dance, including what you’re wearing and the music that you select. Our full, four-tier belly dance skirts will make each step and spin stand out during your performance.

Choosing the right skirt is essential to your belly dance performance. If you feel that a fuller skirt will hinder your movements, you may want to choose a lighter skirt with less fabric, such as our Double Layer Circle Skirt. If you like full skirts with lots of colors, and you feel comfortable in such apparel while dancing, our Extra Full Four Tier Jaipur Skirt is an ideal choice. Whenever you wear this skirt to a performance, you’ll feel like you’re dancing in the heart of the Pink City of India.

When you’re working on your movement, you pay attention to each step and spin, keeping in time with the music, but there’s also an instinctual response to the rhythm that seems to take over each time you dance. If you have learned to move naturally and love to put on colorful apparel and share that movement with an audience, visit us today for your belly dance skirts.

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