New Tribal Belly Dance Costumes for Your Summer Performances

With warmer weather now here, summer isn’t too far away and if your belly dance troupe participates in outdoor festivals and gatherings during the summer months, it’s important to be properly dressed for the occasion. You want to be coordinated with the other dancers in the group and you want your outfit to be light enough so you don’t get too warm. Dahlal Internationale has new tribal belly dance costumes that are perfect for summer performances and that will make you look fantastic as you move through each dance.

The bra, belt, and skirt that you select should enhance your performance and allow you to move freely through each dance. You can find the standard sizes listed for each tribal costume, and you can choose the proper adjustments for each piece. If you need the upper hip to be 38 inches, we will alter the costume to fit you. If your current belly dance bra doesn’t fit quite right, select the proper size and you’ll feel more comfortable during your routine. If you can’t pay the full price right now, you can make a 25 percent layaway payment to ensure that your costume is set aside for you.

Performing outdoors can often give you more freedom to move during each dance, and the sunshine and warm air can provide the perfect atmosphere. If your troupe is planning to dance outside this summer, visit Dahlal Internationale and pick out new tribal belly dance costumes for everyone in the group.

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