Why There Are Coins on Your Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

When it comes to the pieces that a belly dancer wears, each item is carefully selected and incorporated into the beauty of the dance. While belly dancing can look stunning in simple yoga pants and a t-shirt, the right belly dancing costume enhances both the beauty of the dancer and the beauty of her moves. One important piece of the costume is belly dancing hip scarves. When you are shopping for one of these beautiful pieces, you might notice something unusual about them…many of them have coins sewn into the edges! But what are those coins doing there? Do they serve a purpose?

What Are These Coins Doing on My Hip Scarf?

Many belly dancing hip scarves have bright metallic coins sewn into the edges. These coins serve several purposes. First, they enhance the sensory experience of the dance. The bright coins flash and sparkle as the dancer moves around, making her costume come to life. Secondly, the coins on belly dancing hip scarves act as a sort of percussion accompaniment to the dancer, jingling in time with her movements and adding another layer of interest to her performance. One more romantic theory is that gypsy performers sewed the coins that they earned to their outfits for safe keeping, and the more coins there were, the better the dancer must be.

Do I have to Have Coins to Be Authentic?

While coin-lined hip scarves are something that’s readily associated with belly dancing, it isn’t a necessity. Some people prefer a quieter outfit or something that’s a bit less flashy. They may need something that’s easier to wash, too! There is no need to purchase a coin-lined scarf if it isn’t your preference. We offer plenty of hip scarves without coins, such as beads, paillettes, or just fabric. The choice is completely up to the individual dancer!

Get Your Belly Dancing Hip Scarves Today

Thanks to our amazing selection of scarves in our online store, you can pick up a hip scarf or two that you love to wear. Our hip scarves are made from high-quality materials and designed to be comfortable and beautiful, giving you the additional touch of beauty that your dance costume needed. Whether you are a professional dancer, a cosplayer, or just someone who loves the beauty of a hip scarf, we have something that you’ll love in our online store. Browse through our selection and place an order with us today!


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