Understanding Tribal Belly Dancing

America is known as a great “melting pot,” bringing together cultures from around the world. One of the best benefits of this kind of environment is that a traditional style can be brought to life through different influences, and belly dancing is no exception. Tribal style belly dance or American tribal style (ATS) belly dance, is an alteration of the traditional style, which brings together folkloric dance techniques from many cultures throughout India, North Africa, the Middle East, Spain, and several others. Because of this, the costumes are very different from the traditional belly dancing outfits you see, and we are your resource for skirts, pants, sets, and accessories that will allow you to shake up your ATS wardrobe.

Tribal belly dancing was started in California several decades ago, and soon broke out into a sensation across the West Coast. Now it is a dancing style that is known across the world. Because it is a variation that emphasizes group dance, it is rarely performed as a solo or a duet, and can most often be seen in parades.

Fusion Tribal Style Belly Dancing

Several years after ATS became popular, a new style of belly dancing emerged. In the late 1990s, belly dance schools began showing up that taught the traditional ATS moves, but with choreography and elements of both burlesque and cabaret-style dancing. In addition, this style of dancing was more tailored toward the individual or the duet, meaning that the costumes had to change as well. Sleeker, sexier, and designed to stand out, tribal fusion belly dancing outfits brought belly dancing into the modern age.

Whether you are interested in traditional style, ATS, or tribal fusion, we have a wide collection of tribal belly dance costumes as well as traditional belly dancing outfits, so shop our selection and step into your spotlight knowing you are dressed to impress.

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