Grab Your Hip Scarves! 4 Belly Dancing Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Every wonder why you can find dance in literally every culture? Today, modern medicine has only touched the surface of how dancing benefits us physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Here at Dahlal Internationale, your premiere source for belly dancing hip scarves, skirts, and tribal costumes, we’ve compiled a list of 4 ways belly dancing can benefit you that you may not know about.

  1. Physically. Like many other aerobic activities, belly dancing is great for toning muscles and burning calories. However, unlike a standard workout on gym equipment, belly dancing also ¬†helps you work on balance, coordination, and flexibility! Plus, the added benefits of better circulation and enhanced oxygen to skin cells found with aerobic activities means that you’ll find your skin brighter and clearer! Having trouble sleeping? Try dancing for at least half an hour a day (but not right before bed)!
  2. Mentally: Dancing in itself is very stimulating. Dancing involves synchronizing the movements of your different muscle groups which in turn improves motor skills. When dancing, one must be aware of their body and learn to create shapes and lines with their limbs, which is why it’s hard to be bored in dance class. This leads us to another great mental benefit of belly dancing: improved memory! While you’re dancing, your mental alertness and functioning is stimulated because increased oxygen is being delivered to your brain.
  3. Emotionally: Dance has always been recognized as a form of psychotherapy, primarily because it promotes a healthy body image, confidence, and positive social interactions. Plus, it’s notably good at helping to relieve stress and anxiety!

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