Get The Perfect Belly Dancing Outfit For Halloween


There is a chill in the air. The leaves are changing colors. While this signifies the start of autumn, we look forward to the excitement of Halloween. Our sultry, stunning outfits are the perfect choice to show off your beauty and wow the crowds. Don’t deal with the masses sporting crazy clown outfits when you can pick a unique, authentic belly dance costume that will give you years of festive service! Our belly dancing outfits offer as much variety as they do beauty, coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. With dozens of options to choose from, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect costume!

The Outfit

Your Halloween costume should be both unique and durable. With scores of choices, it’s easy to see why Dahlal Internationale is your go-to provider for tribal belly dance costumes and dresses. We supply the highest quality garments including belly dancing skirts and scarves. Have a theme in mind for your costume? You can browse our comprehensive inventory by style. Worried about the budget? We offer belly dancing outfits of all prices to ensure that every customer receives an amazing product. Don’t forget to accessorize your alluring costume with our collection of belts, scarves and jewelry. If this will be your year-round outfit, we recommend shopping for the more versatile styles in order to maximize usage. Remember to keep things simple if you aren’t sure how you’ll be using your costume. When it comes to belly dancing, each participant has their own unique tastes and style. The only thing holding you back is your imagination!

The Props

Another fun activity for Halloween costume shopping is the accessorizing of your outfit with fun, wacky adornments. We sell a variety of props for the casual costume crusader and the dedicated belly dancer alike. You can further authenticate your belly dance costume with:

  • Parasols. A light version of the umbrella, used primarily for shade.

  • Veils. Enhance your routine with these beautiful props.

  • Canes. What dance routine would be complete without a stylish cane?

  • Swords. The right mix of desire and danger, these props are sure to help the belly dancer in training with their routine or make for a great part of any Halloween getup.

  • Veil fans. These silk beauties come in a variety of colors to ensure your costume is stunning and flawless.

  • Wings. A dramatic prop, wings are sure to awe the crowd via your graceful routine.

  • Candelabras. Make a statement with a unique Shamadan. These ornate headpieces will stun crowds with your grace and balance. We would not recommend this prop for the casual Halloween fan, but it is always your choice!

Here at Dahlal Internationale, we love the beauty and versatility of our belly dancing outfits. Whether you’re into the dance and need an updated outfit or are the costume fanatic needing Halloween help, we can assist! We provide the style, color, and expertise at affordable prices. With our expansive inventory and high-quality materials, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect outfit. Feel free to shop our store and browse for that special choice. Questions? Contact us anytime so we can beautify your day!

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