Find a Caftan to Wear Over Your Tribal Belly Dance Costume

When you’re preparing to go on stage, it’s important that your belly dance costume is fitting correctly and that nothing is out of place. You also don’t want to reveal your costume before it’s time to perform, keeping the outfit a mystery until the music starts. At Dahlal Internationale, we know that you may want to cover up before and after your dance, and we have caftans that fit perfectly over your tribal costume, and they also help you stay warm and won’t reveal your costume.

Caftans slip easily over your costume, and you can find one in our store that matches the color of your dance outfit. Caftans can be as bright and alluring as your dance costume, and they add to the elegance that surrounds your troupe’s performance. It’s important to pick a caftan that is lightweight, but provides the proper coverage for your body type and shape. Our caftan options are easy to put on and take off, allowing you to quickly remove it before you go on, and slip it on once the dance is over.

If you are planning to speak with audience members before or after your performance, a caftan is the ideal choice for wearing over your tribal belly dance costume. You won’t reveal your costume beforehand, and you’ll be able to feel more comfortable during any post-performance conversation. People have worn caftans and cover-ups for thousands of years, and Dahlal Internationale is proud to offer colorful options to all of our belly dancing customers.

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