Belly Dancing Hip Scarves for the Beginner

When you attend your first belly dancing class, you’re probably more concerned with learning the steps than what your costume will look like during your first performance. The thought of your first performance should be far from your mind as your focus on learning a routine, but the time will come when you need to consider what you will wear when you’re on stage, entertaining an audience. At Dahlal Internationale, we have belly dancing hip scarves, skirts, and many more items for the beginning belly dancer.

It could be helpful to receive some wardrobe tips from some of the more experienced dancers in your troupe, as they will know what kind of garments are best for when you’re swaying and moving on stage. You don’t want fabrics that will constrict your movement, but you also don’t want skirts or accessories that will come loose while you’re dancing. If you have several beginners in the class, be sure to ask about our discounts on regularly priced items. You can find hip scarves in several sizes, and can choose those with beads, coins, and other accoutrements. We also have practice wear that you can put on during rehearsal, and this can help you get used to wearing a costume and accessories.

Once you’ve attended a few classes and feel more comfortable with the dances you will be performing, turn your attention to your belly dance wardrobe. You can find hip scarves and much more at Dahlal, and we know that you’ll feel confident and look fabulous the first time you step onto the stage.

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