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Not Sure About Belly Dancing? Read These Benefits First!

Belly dancing is one old-world activity that has captivated and stunned audiences for generations. This art form is revered for its aesthetic excellence, yet few people consider it for the healthful benefits of the craft. Dahlal Internationale is here to set you up for success by providing the best belly dancing outfits and accessories to… read more

Exploring The Origins Of Belly Dancing


Anyone questing for the origin of the art form known as belly dancing will quickly find that the resources detailing historical facts are quite few and far between. In fact, dancers around the world continue to debate these mysterious origins with a fiery passion. As a provider of top-quality belly dancing outfits, Dahlal Internationale has… read more

Get The Perfect Belly Dancing Outfit For Halloween

  There is a chill in the air. The leaves are changing colors. While this signifies the start of autumn, we look forward to the excitement of Halloween. Our sultry, stunning outfits are the perfect choice to show off your beauty and wow the crowds. Don’t deal with the masses sporting crazy clown outfits when… read more

We Have Tribal Belly Dance Costumes for Cosplay

If you are interested in cosplay, our online store is filled with tribal belly dance costumes that can be an ideal base for your perfect outfit! What is Cosplay? Cosplay is a mash-up of the words “costume play.” It’s a hobby that has gained a lot of attention and fans in recent years, thanks in… read more

What Material is Best for Belly Dance Skirts

There are numerous materials that can be used to make belly dance skirts, but some materials are better than others. Let’s take a look at the various materials that are available and which one might be the right choice for your next skirt! Material Options Satin Satin is a nice choice for belly dance skirts… read more

Why There Are Coins on Your Belly Dancing Hip Scarves

When it comes to the pieces that a belly dancer wears, each item is carefully selected and incorporated into the beauty of the dance. While belly dancing can look stunning in simple yoga pants and a t-shirt, the right belly dancing costume enhances both the beauty of the dancer and the beauty of her moves.… read more

Understanding Tribal Belly Dancing

America is known as a great “melting pot,” bringing together cultures from around the world. One of the best benefits of this kind of environment is that a traditional style can be brought to life through different influences, and belly dancing is no exception. Tribal style belly dance or American tribal style (ATS) belly dance,… read more

Check Out Our New Arrivals

At Dahlal Internationale, we work diligently in order to bring you new designs, styles, and accessories that follow the latest fashions and fit your needs. Because of this, we frequently update our collection of belly dancing outfits and jewelry so that you have access to the best trends and the most enticing pieces available worldwide.… read more

What Makes Our Belly Dancing Outfits Different

Whether you are looking for practice wear, belly dancing skirts, or tribal belly dancing costumes, we have it all, and we are passionate about bringing you only the best. With styles and colors that you’ll love, materials you won’t ever want to remove, and a quality that will allow you to stand apart from the… read more

Bring In The New Year Right

With New Year’s right around the corner, we see the gyms starting to fill up and the resolutions pour in with people who are ready to work off their holiday meals and get in shape, this time for good. However, many people will abandon their resolutions before February simply because they aren’t motivated enough by… read more